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We have experienced tremendous growth since our founding in 2000.

Establishing business roots in Melrose, MN, our freight hauling company was originally a co-owned operation. In 2003, Pat Moriarty bought out the partnership, taking over full ownership of the business.

Today, with Pat at the helm, Willow Express operates with an industry recognized reputation for delivering quality services at the highest levels. We understand the importance of developing and maintaining good working relationships with our clients. Everyone in our organization is dedicated to upholding the integrity of our trucking company; they do this through professionalism, communication, timeliness, and getting the job done right the first time.

A Dedicated Team

From our owner down to our newest hire, our team at Willow Express is comprised of knowledgeable, courteous, and hardworking individuals committed to serving you. We operate fully in-house, employing our own experienced Dispatchers, retaining a full-time Safety Director, performing on-site billing and payroll services, and utilizing our own team of dedicated truck drivers. At Willow Express all of our drivers meet all DOT regulations, and keep a watchful eye on transport regulation changes.

  • Pat Moriarty - Owner / Accounts Payable
  • Brad Holthaus - Dispatcher (MN / WI)
  • Tony Orbeck - Dispatcher (Over the Road / LTL)
  • Stacy Larson - Safety Director
  • Tiffany Ritter - Billing / Payroll

A Well-Maintained Hauling Fleet

Staring out as a regional carrier with just six trucks and 11 trailers, Willow Express was committed to fulfilling a need where other companies fell-short. As a result, we developed a positive reputation that allowed us to grow and expand our trucking operations. Today we operate with a well-maintained fleet of 40 semi-tractors and 66 trailers, allowing us to provide continuous freight transport to all 48 states. Our fleet of trucks and trailers is continually safety checked, each machine receives regular-preventative maintenance for optimal performance.

40 Semi-Tractors
66 Trailers
Serving the Lower 48

A Recognized Safety Record

At Willow Express we have been industry-recognized numerous times for our strong-safety standards.

*A National Safety Award recognizes carries based on their year-end preventable accidents.

  • Gold National Safety Award (2013 | 2012 | 2009)
  • Platinum National Safety Award (2011 | 2008)


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